Powered on Well

Helping moms and daughters build self-compassion and a positive relationship with their bodies, food, and each other, to stop the cycle of disordered eating and body shaming.

When was your first diet? 

How old were you?  What thoughts did you have around food, exercise, and your body?  

I’m Taren Weyer, the founder of Powered on Well, and if you’re a mom like me, you grew up in a time when society was obsessed with diets and manipulating bodies in the pursuit of weight loss and happiness. 

And now, so are our daughters.

That is why I founded Powered on Well, so our daughters never have to feel less-than

As a mother, you can:  

  • > Realize that the words you say to your daughter matters. 
  • > Be vigilant in the messages you are sharing with your daughter and other women.  
  • > Encourage mind and body empowerment and self-compassion.  


Disordered eating and body shaming can carry through generations.  Passed along from mother to daughter again and again. 

This cycle can end.  It can end today.  

Today is the day.



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Interactive and engaging support for moms and daughters to build a positive relationship with food, their bodies, and each other.

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