Individual Coaching

Individual support to assist you in regaining your self-compassion and power over a life controlled by diets.

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Interactive support for you and your daughter to build a positive relationship with food and movement.

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Take a look around. We are plagued by food and lifestyle-related diseases, with 80 percent of those diseases being preventable with simple changes to the way we live, work and eat. “If you want something you’ve never had, you need to do something you’ve never done.”

In order to change, you must start with the basics, the mastery behind who you are; your mind. Rather than depleting your body with diet programs, feeding our youth’s boredom with screen time, nourishing the sugar dragon, and forcing exercise, fuel the mind with tools, resources, and ideas that will lead you and our youth on a path to empowerment, engagement, and fulfillment of the mind and body.

Powered on Well’s corporate and youth offerings empowers adults and kids to build healthy lives through fun, engaging programs and educational speaking events that build self-confidence and improve their physical and mental health.

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Taren creates programs and events that provide youth and adults a sense of self and the power to enjoy their best life. By challenging one’s mindset, offering new ways to think, and providing a safe space to achieve goals, she helps create momentum for success and empowerment to achieve something bigger. She is mostly known for her humor but also her inspiring, light-hearted, and bright personality that makes her a powerful influencer in the wellness world.
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